Ideal ChildCare Center (ICC) has a very simple mission. It is our quest "Our mission is to be the ideal childcare center for your family." Teaching and supervising children is an important part of what we do but there are many other aspects to providing an excellent childcare service. The staff is an important part of our operation so we strive to provide our workers an ideal experience. Our supply network is equally important to the success of our program. Thus, from administration to facility maintenance to security, we want to provide the best possible service.

It is important for us that we tailor our service not only to meet the needs of children but also to meet the needs of parents and others who sponsor the children and bring them to our program. Technology has affected so many industries and childcare is no exception. Therefore, we employ the latest technological advances to enhance our service. The world is changing rapidly and childcare services must be innovative. Every day, we want to improve our services and earn our name, the Ideal ChildCare Center.

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